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Frequently Asked Questions


Thread Keep

Designed to hold all of your project threads neatly together.  Whether they already come on card, stored in floss bags or on bobbins.  The binder ring will hold them all together in one location adding a little organization and sparkle to your projects.


Scissor Keep

Designed to be attached to embroidery or sewing scissors with a lobster claw clasp.  The scissor keep makes it easy to keep track of your scissors.  Also handy when stitching with your friends and several have the same style of scissors to identify your scissors from your stitching friends.   


Needle Keep

Designed to keep your needle from getting lost and in a safe place while taking a break from your stitching or while changing threads.  Our Needle Keep has a strong ceramic magnet attached to the back of the bezel.  Also works well to hold chart onto metal chart holders to keep it from falling or slipping.  Just another way to keep your stitching organized.   



Our designs may also be worn as a necklace just add a chain to your Thread Keep or Scissor Keep.  The Needle Keep with its magnet may present more of a challenge to wear as a necklace since it will gravitate towards any metal it may come in contact with.


Materials Used?

All of our designs start out with a metal alloy pendant tray, image is printed and protected with a high quality clear glass cabochon accented with complimenting button and charms. 

Thread Keep is attached to a 1" or 2" Binder Ring

Scissor Keep is attached to a Lobster Claw Clasp

Needle Keep is attached to a strong Ceramic Magnet

Necklace Keep is attached to a 24" Chain



Wipe with a dampened cloth only if needed.

Images are covered by a glass cabochon and although water resistant these are not waterproof so please do not submerge them into water.